Asiye Etafuleni

Asiye eTafuleni provides technical expertise to assist vendors acquire skill and understanding of urban development processes. The NGO also serve as a “learning hub” for those interested in urban planning and the informal economy. The overall objective of Asiye eTafuleni is to provide comprehensive design and facilitation services to membership-based organizations (MBOs) of the urban working poor (particularly women) to encourage unique partnerships that result in appropriate and enabling urban infrastructure. It is intended that this objective will dignify the informal economy and result in contextually responsive town/city place-making that secures urban livelihoods.

The office is located in Warwick Junction, the primary transport node of Durban's inner city. Asiye eTafuleni enables access to technical support for local government officials, trader organization leaders and their members, who are grappling with how to integrate the working poor into urban plans. Over time, the lessons learnt will be disseminated and the Warwick Junction demonstration sites replicated in other national and African centres. Further, the creation of an internship programme will provide project related experiential learning.

For further information of the Warwick Junction area and for visual image reference, please see the book: Working in Warwick by Richard Dobson and Caroline Skinner (2009).  Available from Adams or enquiries to and on order from Exclusive Books.

Asiye eTafuleni is an Inclusive Cities Project partner. Inclusive Cities focuses on support and capacity building for membership-based organizations (MBOs) of the working poor in the urban informal economy. Through organizing, advocating, and policy analysis, informal workers are making their needs heard within urban planning processes. Partners in the Inclusive Cities project include MBOs of the working poor and technical support organizations committed to improving the situation of the working poor. For more information, and to access research and publications on inclusive urban planning and capacity building tools for MBOs, visit: 

Asiye Etafuleni


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