Brook Street Market of Warrick

This is a vibrant, colourful, festive market, runs alongside the iconic Badsha Peer Shrine. Boasting brightly coloured pinafores’, traditional Zulu hats, shoes, bags and household products all beneath the shaded roof, portion of which was donated by the  Badsha Peer Mazaar Society in 2000. Indulge your appetite with a local meal from the upper level food court of this market.
Brook Street Market of Warrick

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The Badsha Peer Shine pays tribute to Badsha Peer who was a Muslim saint who came to Durban in 1860. Each year since 1943, there has been a veneration ceremony and banquet to acknowledge Badsha Peer, this is a week long ceremony, which culminates in Brook Street Market adjacent to the Shrine. There is a very good working relationship between the Badsha Peer Mazaar Society and the vendors, and during the ceremony trading is suspended by mutual agreement to allow the annual function to continue.  Furthermore, in 2000 the Mazaar Society donated a portion of the shelter which now covers the Brook Street Market. This donation catalyzed the redevelopment of the Market.

The Brook Street Market is also historically significant because it is one of the only areas where three different religious denominations are buried along side one another. Christian, Muslim, and Jewish burial sites are all located within this area.


Brook Street Market


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