Comments about our tours

Comments from local and international tourists after visiting the Markets of Warwick:

“This is a great one of a kind experience, and if there is a petition to oppose the destruction of this market for a mall, I would definitely sign in support of keeping thins unique and thriving market.”

Comments on Markets of Warwick Tour

“Thank you for this awesome experience, I cannot wait to come back.”

“Excellent! A truly unique experience. Both the traders and the guides couldn’t have been friendlier.”

“Very interesting, I felt very welcomed and comfortable.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable experience. Crucial lesson learnt as a Durbanite, as it rectified skewed perceptions of the market area”

 “It was great. Educational and fun. I never realized how structured the whole area was.”

“It was an absolute eye opener, we need to get the message out here! I am a sure ambassador for you!”

“The market showed Durban’s best attribute and that is the friendliness of its people.”

“ Kuyajabulisa ukubona abantu besebenzisana ngalendlela – ikhombisa uBuntu okuyinto yethu thina baMpisholo.”

Warwick Triangle Experience

Our Warwick Triangle tour was judged by those on the Management Development Programme to be the highlight of their week. In designing the programme we sought to create a variety of experiences for the participants that would challenge, develop and provide leverage for meaningful and in-depth discussions. Our morning in the Warwick Triangle exceeded all expectations in this regard. Quite simply, it was an eye-opener.

To be exposed as we were to the rich heritage of the area, to hear the stories, meet the people and see firsthand the diversity and complexity of the markets in operation was unforgettable. Many found it humbling and subsequent discussion within the group following our experience yielded a variety of profound personal and professional insights. We wish more could experience what we did. To this end we plan to make this tour an essential part of several other senior executive development programmes for which we are responsible.

You and your staff were professional, informative and clearly well respected by the many Traders we met. Any fears expressed around matters of security and saftey were without foundation and this is an experience that will live long in the hearts and minds of those privileged enough to experience it.

Thank you so much. We trust that your work will go from strength to strength.

Keith Coats
Director of Storytelling

Comments - Markets of Warwick Tour


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