Tuesday the 8th of June 2010, was the graduation ceremony for the Markets of Warwick traders who voluntarily attended the Stay Alive First Aid Workshop. The workshop was organized through Action Training Academy who facilitated a one day Zulu Workshop, on June 2nd, to equip the traders in immediate first aid. The course focused on how to keep an injured person alive for the critical minutes between injury and arrival of an ambulance. The Markets of Warwick trader committee each selected representatives from their individual markets to attend the course, which meant sacrificing a day away from their trading stalls.
The graduation ceremony was held a week later to allow for the certificates (supplied by Action Training Academy) to be printed and laminated. The ceremony was opened by Traders Against Crime leader John Khomo. John was followed by Helena Gasela who gave her personal reflection on her experience at the course and how she felt it would value her and the traders in her market. Helena expressed the importance of the knowledge they had gained through the course and the responsibility they now held as educated traders in emergency situations should they ever arise. Associate Professor Frances Lund was the guest of honour, Frances Lund is the Director of the WIEGO Social Protection Programme which seeks to investigate and highlight the risks that challenge women working in the informal economy, and thereafter create intervention schemes to protect these women. Currently Frances is based in the Development Studies Department within the University of KwaZulu Natal. In her address at the graduation, Frances spoke on the importance of primary health care, and on the necessity of addressing the root causes that lead to accidents within the market area, as well as the conditions within the home environment that can cause illness. Professor Lund then assisted Mr Taxi from the Early Morning Market in handing out the certificates to all the traders who attended the workshop. One trader from each market then received a sponsored and fully stocked First Aid Box on behalf of their market.
Thank you to all the traders who attended the course, as well as Action training Academy for the facilitation and excellent running of the course. Further thanks must be made to the sponsor of the First Aid Boxes.

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