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Here we have a gallery of photograph's of the different markets that make up the Markets of Warwick. We hope you enjopy the photo's and remember to book a tour with us to get the complete experience.

Markets of Warwick Gallery


Victoria Street Market (2 Images)

The Victoria Street Market was established in 1910 and will be 100 years old this year. The original traders in this area were Indian indentured labourers who traded along the street paving of Victoria Street between 1860 and 1910. In 1910 the municipality allocated this area to house these traders, and currently the market supports 180 traders. This market has small individually owned stores selling jewellery, spices, skinned products, traditional arts and crafts and bead work.


Impepho and Lime Market (2 Images)

There are 2 distinctive products sold within this market. Lime traders sell balls of white and red lime mined from iNdwedwe, north of the city. The lime is used for trainee and recently qualified izangoma. Other traders sell impepho which is a traditional incense used to facilitate communication with ones ancestors. The impepho comes from either KwaZulu Natal or the Eastern Cape.


Brook Street Market (12 Images)

This is a vibrant, colourful, festive market, runs alongside the iconic Badsha Peer Shrine. Boasting brightly coloured pinafores', traditional Zulu hats, shoes, bags and household products all beneath the shaded roof, portion of which was donated by the Badsha Peer Mazaar Society in 2000. Indulge your appetite with a local meal from the upper level food court of this market.


Bead Market (7 Images)

This attractive colourful market exhibits the works of bead vendors who travel from the coastal regions adjacent to the city to sell their products that have been designed and hand crafted by themselves. Products include beaded jewellery, hats, shoes, bags and traditional clothing. Have the opportunity to watch the traders work, get a strand of your hair braded and tied with beads or adorn yourself with beaded products for a photo...so bring your camera!


Herb Market (5 Images)

A classical example of how inclusivity in urban spaces fostered between vendors and the Municipality have allowed for improved structural development within this market, enabling more optimal working conditions for the traditional healers and herb sellers who trade within this vicinity. This visually captivating market is unique to Durban and highlights the differences between Western and Africa medicine. Have the opportunity to grind herbs and potentially find a cure for any ailment....and YES a little love potion to find the right partner?


Music Bridge Market (3 Images)

Move along to the energetic rhythm of local and international sounds heard and sold through this market as well as purchasing scarves, hats and shoes.


Berea Station Market (3 Images)

Modelling collaboration between the informal and formal market sector, this privately managed market exhibits traditional Zulu spears and shields and religious attire as well as dvds, shoes, belts, wallets and bags.


Early Morning Market (4 Images)

Affectionately described as "The Mother Market", the Early Morning Market is now over 100 years old, and provides an extended trading opportunity for over 2000 people. It is the historical cornerstone of the area. Boasting over 670 stalls selling a variety of fresh produce, spices, flowers and live poultry this is a true heritage of Durban city.


Bovine Head Market (3 Images)

Whilst watching women carefully cleaving the meat from the bone, you get to sample a cooked portion of this prepared authentic Zulu delicacy of bovine (cow) head meat, along with traditional dumpling (steamed bread) tastefully served on wooden boards...an experience to remember!

Gallery - Markets of Warwick


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