School Tours

Asiye eTafuleni is excited to introduce School Tours through the Markets of Warwick!  
The success of the private, public and piloted school tours over the past year, and overwhelmingly positive reviews have encouraged the Project to adapt and extend itself to the wider school sector. After much collaboration and a piloted school tour, we are excited to introduce this specifically tailored, applicable and hands-on approach to learning, and hope that through the Markets of Warwick experience the students will gain conceptual understanding of their academic material as well as a widened perspective of Durban and the informal urban workers.

Current Application of the Markets of Warwick to the curriculum

The field trip comprehensively covers geographical skills, knowledge, understanding and application of the curriculum material. The current grade 12 geography curriculum covers 'People and Places' including issues on rural and urban settlement, Agenda 21, economic aspects of the GDP- and the role of the informal sector in the GDP. The tour facilitators and exposure to Warwick Junction and the informal traders effectively covers all these academic themes. 

The tours also seek to educate students about the informal economy and how the traders in the Warwick vicinity make a livelihood through their trade. Education and exposure allows for a review of current perceptions, and the re-establishment of an informed opinion of the area, which we hope will be a significant outcome after attending the Markets of Warwick School Tour. It is also hoped that this tour will seed a continuous inquiry on the evolution of South African cities.
A Markets of Warwick School Tour workbook, which each student receives, comprehensively covers all these academic and socio-political themes. The workbook was created by a local geography teacher, Dianne Downing (B.ed-FET), and allows for students consistent application and engagement with their academic material throughout the tour.

Logistics behind the tour

Each group is led by a qualified South African tour guide, and a Traders Against Crime (TAC) member. The TAC is a volunteer based organization of traders within the market who are well-respected members of the community. Their position  and role in the Warwick community prompted collaboration for the Markets of Warwick project, which will be continued in the school tours.
School/public busses are able to drop off and later collect the students at the Asiye eTafuleni offices where they will be divided into manageably sized groups and each student will be given a lanyard to identify them as part of the tour. The tour is adaptable to handle the number of students each school wishes to bring on the tour.
Each group and will depart on their own separate route through the Markets of Warwick with their facilitators. In each market the tour guide will give a brief outline of the trade of that specific market, and in some cases there are activities that the students are able to engage in to make the tour a more fun, interactive excursion. For example: in the Bovine Head Market, students each get to sample Bovine Meat and Dumpling, a traditional Zulu meal.


The Cost of the tour is R70 per learner. Grade 12 geography learners will each receive Markets of Warwick School Tour Booklet at the start of the tour.

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